Sophia helped me to focus on my limiting beliefs with the mere suggestion of what to think about: money blocks, self-worth, etc. but the biggest one for me was the (I literally can’t think of the word now - I’ve had to look it up) Procrastination!!

Since overcoming that, I have not stopped producing the material I’ve needed for my business to grow; it has helped me to focus on what is for my highest good and I don’t hold back anymore in terms of powering forward with my goals - now it’s about “Do I believe in Me? Not, Does anyone else believe in me?”.

Having the group keep in touch has been wonderful as we’ve been able to continue sharing in our growth and successes. Sophia undoubtedly has a gift for Belief shifting and shifting blocks. I recommend this course to everyone I meet.


Before working with Sophia I would really doubt my self and put myself down regularly, which made me really sad because I've had goals and dreams for a while but didn't think at all that I could achieve them. In the short time we have been working together I've noticed such big changes. I've felt a really big change in myself, and have felt a need to clear things within my life to make space for this new version of me. I think this is the longest period of time I can remember in recent years that I have felt consistently positive.

I can honestly day these last few weeks have completely changed my life. I've done a lot of work on myself within the last year, but it's clear to me I needed some extra support and Sophia has been just the person to help me get over some beliefs i have been stuck on.

Sophia is so friendly and down to earth, it's so much easier to make progress when you have someone coaching you who makes you feel so comfortable.


I am finding it hard to put into words the shifts & changes that I've experienced over the past 6 weeks.... I knew I wanted someone to help me get a move on with my business ideas. I knew I needed the support to get clear on my vision & push my plans forward. Sophia & her techniques have absolutely 1million percent surpassed every expectation!

I feel so exhilarated & bursting with excitement for the future. Plans are being carried out, dreams being made a reality, manifestations coming to life! And this is only the beginning! My next goal is to try & keep my feet on the ground so I don't get lost in the clouds I'm flying that high! Thank you so much Sophia! Thank you Belief Coding! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🥰🥰🔥🔥🔥🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🦋🦋💫💫🌈🌈✨✨

So much love. So much gratitude. I'm so in love with me. So in love with how far I've come. I'm so pleased it was such a good day. It was a raving success & only the start of the humongous adventures that are coming!


I am incredibly grateful to Sophia. Her coaching has truly changed my life. Through working on my unconscious mind and rewiring my beliefs, I am overcoming self doubt, self sabotage and unlocking trapped emotions within. I’ve found a deep sense of inner peace and happiness 🥰

I wholeheartedly recommend Sophia's holisitc approach to therapy to anyone seeking personal growth, self discovery and empowerment.

Thank you for empowering me to become the best version of myself - the sky is the limit 🌈💥🙏🏼🔥💫 🎉🪄


I booked onto Sophia's Reach and Thrive course because I felt stuck in my business. I kept getting stuck with who my audience was and taking actions that I knew would help my growth and sales and generally being super hard on myself that I wasn't further along than I am.

My confidence in myself to make money doing what I enjoy was zapped. Moving through the course with Sophia was transformative. Learning exactly why I have these blocks and having the tools to move through them with Sophia cheerleading me on was invaluable.

Istarted taking more action, I got new branding that I love (which landed on my lap) and I made sales! Sophia helps to bring more ease and flow into your business and I'm so grateful I took the leap of faith and joined up xx


Hi here is a testimonial. It does not convey the true depths of which you have helped me but it is a start:)

Sophia was amazing and helped me through some very hard memories. I felt comfortable talking with her even though the topics were very personal (self with, body confidence, sex, etc.)

I didn’t even respect myself and body. I now know I AM completely worthy of love and respect. I feel it, I offer no apologies for expecting respect from those in my life.

The only apology is to myself that it took so many years to get to this place. I am honoured to have Sophia with me on my journey to loving myself, and healing.


I'm just so surprised how easy it has felt to get going again? And today I feel a real shift in my energies. I feel really "light", sort of like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders?

And just really motivated to finally get my online course finished so that I could start earning some money. I'm also not thinking about my parents / dad as much as I have up till now.  

Sophia explained ever step to me, and was very supportive. I have been procrastinating with getting my school work done, and have felt really weighed down after a really tough year having to deal with issues with my parents and difficulties in my life. So we worked on me getting a handle on my school work, so I could work towards becoming an entrepreneur. It has been less than a week, and I'm almost up to date on all my school work?!

In addition to that we also found the root cause causing my issues that had to do with my dad. I was was finally able to forgive What a session, and what a method. I feel so motivated and so light, and am ready to face the world again. Thank you Sophia!" 


It makes me feel FREE and more loving.  I feel like I have more time for ME but not from a selfish point of view.  Just because I literally have more time

Before the self love course, it was taking up a lot of my time, mulling situations over from every angle and trying to understand what I would never be able to understand. I constantly felt hurt and let down by 'friends'. Now, since repeating the mantra - I don't seem to need to mull anything over. 

I just get on with life.  It's only been a few weeks of course, but I feel like this is a shift. Hopefully it stays like this!   So in answer to your question - lack of self love was stopping me from getting on with my life.  


I wanted to drop you a message to thank you for the session you did with me on Monday.

I feel a completely different person, your session has given me clarity and the confidence to believe in myself again. 

I never thought I would be able to get rid of some of the emotions and beliefs I was holding onto such as not feeling good enough, no sense of belonging and for always trying to please others. 

I’m still got a long way to go, but feel far from what I was feeling and I have you to thank for that.  As hard as some of that was, I know I have been holding onto certain beliefs for so long and it feels like a massive weight has been lifted.


Sophia is a wonderful coach and mentor and I've really enjoyed working with her. She is so open and giving and has a lovely calm persona that instantly puts you at your ease. She is skilled at working out what you need from each session and is able to discover the root cause of what is holding you back so that she can help create a plan to move forward. 

Before each session I have so many doubts and questions in my head and Sophia is able to calmly guide me by giving me small steps so that I can work towards achieving my goals without becoming overwhelmed. She is great at highlighting strengths and giving a realistic appraisal of what is actually possible so that self doubt and self sabotage doesn't take over!

With Sophia's help I have realised that I have all the skills I need to proceed with my business and I believe that if I follow the steps then I will succeed. I can't recommend her highly enough 🥰


II was introduced to Sophia quite by chance. When I saw details of the course I immediately felt I needed to do it. Normally / would hesitate and contemplate cost and time etc, but I am so happy I went for it!

I have experienced phenomenal changes and shifts in the way I do things, what I say and how I view life. It has opened my eyes and changed my life. It has not been an easy journey, but it has been beneficial. Sophia creates a really calm, authentic and safe space to excel in this course.

She constantly helps you along the way with her positive can-do attitude. She is an inspiration. I highly recommend doing working with Sophia if you want to transform you life to being more positive & fulfilled.


I had my first ever session with Sophia and it was incredible. I wasn't sure what to expect but was amazed by the entire experience.The journey my mind took us on was surreal; how could my brain recall and vision something so clearly from age 0?! The memory that came up and what came to light shocked me as it was something I thought I was OK with. Sophia made me feel safe, secure and relaxed. I was amazed by her ability to guide you and tune you into your human compass (which I certainly will be tuning into more often!).She explained things clearly, clarifying the stages and leading you all the way.There was a moment during the session where I began to cry. They were naturally falling and I couldn't hold them back.

By the end of the session, there was a part of me that previously felt missing that had be filled. I felt whole. Hours and the day after, I was able to look in the mirror without intrusive thoughts such as me telling myself how disgusting I looked. I found myself making time to cook; make a meal plan and cook and eat before 7pm! (Which was a huge barrier for me before my session and my mindset around food).

The positive beliefs were repeating in my mind today, feeling focused and centered.I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds and how these new embedded beliefs will help me in the future!

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