Feel like your just 'SURVIVING' ?

This is a transformative program,

that will change your life!

build your confidence & WORTH, establish excactly what you want from life, & improve your relationship with money

without Self Doubt, neagative self talk & Fear taking over your life!

Whether you want to build a new career, earn more money, start a business, feel confident enough to enter a new relationship, or just learn how to remove all the negative self talk that goes on in your head and gain that sense of Self Love and Inner Peace.

How ever you want to feel orWhat ever it is you desire! You CAN have it all!

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If you have answered YES to any of these questions, book your FREE call with me to discuss how this program will work for you 👯‍♂️

Keep scrolling for excactly what you will get, how it will transform your life!

During this transformative program you will . . .

✅ Transform your mindset from a negative to

a postive, so that you can attract more great things into your life!

(You attract what you put out!)

✅Remove that negative self talk, that is making you feel crappy! Which will release feelings of depression & anxiety.

✅We will look at current stories that loop round in your head, that are currently keeping you stuck, & transform how you feel about them, so they no longer hinder your future!

✅We will get you super clear on what it is from your life, and start making a new plan of how you are going to get there.

(and dont worry, you may be thinking you dont even know what you want right now, thats fine! We will find your purpose & passion!)

Or you may have a million & 1 things you want to do but not taking action on any! We will get you clear and focused on how to move forwards.

✅We will addressing any blocks, emotional blocks, limiting beliefs that come up that are currently keeping you feeling 'stuck'.

✅You will master how to remove these blocks, which will boost your Confidence & Self Esteem to a level you have never felt before!

( I promise you I have powerful stuff that will get you feeling super confident in anything you set out to do!)

✅You will experience profound shifts in your energy, which will further boost your Confidence

✅You will learn how to overcome Fears, such as fear of failure & judgement so you can live a life that feels good to YOU without fear standing in your way.

✅You will learn to develope a healthy mindset around money so that you can start earning and attracting more, and releasing the constant stress and pressure of money and becoming open to how you can earn and attract more.

How the program will look . . .

Week 1

🤩 Transforming your mindset & reframing past stories so they no longer hinder you

Week 2

🤩Gaining clarity with confidence on what it is you want, Identifying the limiting beliefs, that are currently stopping you & crafting your new plan

Week 3

🤩 Transforming your emotional blocks & limiting beliefs, so that you can move forwards with new profound Confidence

Week 4

🤩Delving deeper into yourself doubts and transforming them into motivation

Week 5

🤩 Overcoming Fear & how to work with it rather than allow it to hold you back, so that you can feel empowered in making your next moves.

Week 6 & 7

🤩 Transforming your relationship with money! So that you can open your potential to earning more, and stressing less about it!


🤩 Group energy healing session, where you will feel a transformation in your energy field, whilst expierencing a deep level of healing, so that you can feel a deep release from anxiety or depression.

By the end of this program you will master how to have full control over your life and finances, so that you no longer have to live in fear, self doubt, worry.

You will have a complete new sense of Confidence & Self worth

You will be able to overcome any challanges life throws at you, with ease

You will have a better relationship with money, so that you feel comfortable in managing it and earning more.

You can start to live a life on your terms and be completely comfortable with who YOU are and what you want from your life.

I cannot wait to support you on this journey xx

About Me

Hi I am Sophia Lorraine, divorce single mum of 3,

I was once where you are now, not feeling 'good enough' to take any different action in my life, not having the self belief and confidence I needed in order to create a better life for me and my children.

I was suffering from anxiety and depression, and to numb that I was getting involved in unhealthy habits, that would only make me feel worst the next day, I had challanges throughtout my divorce process which impacted me mentally and financially.

I was left with low self esteem, confidence in shatters and the worry about how I was ever going to be able to afford things for my kids again.

These feelings & worry pushed me to breaking point and realised I was the only one that was able to take the action I needed in order to turn my life around, so that me and my children could have a brighter future.

That is when I went on a healing journey of my own, which has completely transformed how I value myself, my confidence and my worth. I have been able to come off medication, quit all unhealthy habits, free myself from depression & negative thoughts, and cultivate self acceptance and inner peace, and empowerment, which has enabled me to quit my career and create my own business,

one that lights me up and excites me! ( I would have never imagine this was possible just a few years back)

A business where I help women just like YOU to transform your life.

Thats right I found my healing journey so profound that I was able to quit my draining career and invest in myself to become the self development mentor and coach that I am today.

I have been helping women transform their lifes, using the skills & knowledge I have trained and studied in, such as NLP, EFT, Neuroscience, Law of Attraction, Quantum Healing & Trauma Healing.

I cannot wait for you to be my next success story!

You hold all the power and answers within you!

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