Awaken YOUR WORTHY Woman

12 week Transformation program

Helping you unleash the worthy woman inside, so that you can reach your Full Potential

This transformative program is for ambitious women in business who KNOW they are capable of achieving MORE but are feeling stuck and struggling to move forwards towards their goals in Live & Business. 

How you think and feel internally has a direct impact on how you show up in your life and business. 

How you show up impacts the results you are seeing in your business.

So many women in business struggle to control their inner critic. Meaning they are operating every day, being controlled by their thoughts, living in fear and frustration, never tapping into their full potential. And when these internal problems continue, they’re at risk of giving up on themselves and their dreams, because they’re so tired of never being able to achieve the goals they set out, leaving you with the feeling of feeling like a failure and that you are not good enough. 

Through our work together I will guide you to becoming the woman you know you can be so that you can live your life with enjoyment and excitement, giving you the confidence and belief to charge full steam ahead towards your goals and reach your Full Potential. 

Within my Awaken YOUR WORTHY Women program, I will be supporting you through the process of unlocking your full potential, using the transformational tools & techniques that have enabled my clients to:

Remove feelings of not being ‘enough’ so that you no longer people please, over deliver and burn out. 

Develop a deep sense of SELF WORTH

Be able to put healthy boundaries in place

Build greater trust in your intuition

Increase your confidence leading to more visibility in your business and attracting more clients

Overcome procrastination and self doubt to land dream contracts

Generate more income from following your passion led business

Escape a life of depression, anxiety and fear

Heal from past experiences that are holding them back on the journey to success

Overcome fears around money, as you will have a sense of trust within yourself to know you are making the right financial decisions

And personally, I have used these same tools and techniques to:

Live a life without antidepressants after being on them most of my life! I am now 2-years without them and I no longer suffer from depression.

Rebuild a new business, one that aligns to me and that lights me up. 

Remove the inner critic, so that I am no longer full of self doubt & fear. 

Healed from past experiences that were hindering my self belief & success, and identified a new sense of self worth, so that I can confidently show up in my business and support other women. 

Ask yourself what would your life look and feel like to you if you were able to wake up feeling excited about your life & business again? 

If you were able to have deep faith and belief that you are ENOUGH to make your business goals happen? And achieve the income you desire?

If you were able to learn & evolve from the inner critic and feel proud of who YOU are? 

Do the things that light you up and say NO to the things that don’t?!

I know how you feel..

You’re passionate and ambitious. But you’re consumed by your inner critic. Your confidence has vanished and self doubt is creeping in. Both of which are stopping you from becoming the woman that you know you can be.

You want to create or grow your business and receive more money into your life, but right now you are finding it a struggle to bring that income in..

Your business feels difficult and the work you used to enjoy, now feels exhausting and a drag on your energy…

You’re feeling stuck, frustrated and wondering what’s wrong with you…

Your inner critic is taking over and the negative thoughts are consuming your mind…

Which means you are not fully showing up in your business in the way that you could be, you're not stretching yourself and reaching new income levels. 

And you’ve even found yourself pleasing and seeking approval from others, and not putting yourself first. Which is draining you. 

You might be wondering why I’m inside your head?

Well… I know because when I set up my first business in property, I was all excited and ambitious. I thought it would be easy because I was so passionate. Yet, one set back with my mental health, that was triggered by an awful divorce, knocked my confidence. I was so low that I didn’t want to continue in business. I wanted to give up.

In business you need the right internal foundations in order to face challenges and setbacks. And I didn’t have those foundations - I hit rock bottom. 

Eventually I’d had enough and I went on the search for alternative help, other than the traditional therapy and medication, that I had been on and off most of my life!

That is when I found the healing tools and techniques that I use today. I found the law of attraction and quantum physics, both of which helped me heal from my own past experiences, limiting beliefs and feelings of low self worth, and being bogged down by my inner critic. 

Approaching life in this new way completely changed the way I felt internally, I learned to take bolder action and I changed my life and business forever. This experience was so profound that I felt it was my calling to train and help other women that were facing the same challenges.

I believe every woman deserves to feel worthy. Every woman deserves to feel confident enough to strive for their goals and reach their Full Potential.

And ever since, I’ve been helping women like you to remove their inner critic, negative self-talk, raise their energy and step into their full potential so that they could go on to build brilliant businesses.

So, when I say I know how you feel… I really do!

And that’s why I know that I can help!

Heres how I can help you rebuild and THRIVE

Step 1

We are going to get you crystal clear on what it is you REALLY want, and gain clarity on your direction, without a clear direction you will remain stuck in your current cycle

It can feel difficult to get clear on where it is you want to be, especially if you have been trying for a while and you feel 'its not working' for you, you may feel yourself holding back from being open and honest with yourself about what it is you really want over fear of it not happening or your limiting beliefs that you are currently holding. 

It can feel overwhelming when thinking about bigger goals, because right now you just don't know how you are going to get there so it can feel really scary allowing yourself to dream.Your going to gain the clarity you need and start to create an actionable road map that is going to light you up and excite you! 

Step 2: Identify and reframe your subconscious beliefs

Your subconscious beliefs are what is responsible for the way you are feeling right now, and responsible for what you are experiencing in your external environment. They are why you are feeling stuck right now, and what is feeding your inner critic to play a major role in your life

Addressing your subconscious beliefs is where the real healing and transformations take place!

By using my rapid transformational method, you are able to reframe your subconscious beliefs WITHOUT feeling like you are opening a pandoras box to the past! Your subconscious beliefs are what create that inner critic, that is constantly making you doubt yourself and talk to yourself negatively. 

We will address the beliefs that are creating your inner critic, we will also be addressing the limiting beliefs that rises during getting clarity of your goals in step 1. 

Step 3: Energy Work

Addressing the beliefs is one part of the transformation, but learning how to control the energy in your body is the second part, the two go hand in hand for your transformation! 

You will Learn tools and techniques you can use in order to keep your energy aligned to your goals. You will learn to release any negative energy or tension that is not serving your higher purpose.  

Step 4:  Overcoming Fears & Set backs

In this step we will identify your fears and I will guide you through how to overcome them and how you can allow fear to be the driving force towards your goals. 

You will learn how to overcome challenges and set backs, and feel empowered by embodying that all set backs are part of your learning & growth, rather than falling into the spiral of feeling like a failure. 

Step 5: Learn how to work with the Law of Attraction & the Universe

This is a crucial step as as much as we belief we are doing this alone, we actually have the support of the universe, and when you learn how to adopt this into your daily life you will be open to receiving new opportunities, you will learn to take the pressure of yourself and feel into the trust that things are always working out for you exactly how they should. 

You will learn to trust and surrender to the process. 

So that you can have inner peace, and be able to trust your inner guidance and intuition, and have the Confidence you need to be able to take your next steps. During our time together you will experience shifts within yourself enabling you to overcome behaviors of procrastination, self sabotage. 

You will deeply grow into your WORTH which means you will have that inner peace you crave and be able to move forwards with unshakable Confidence within your business. 

See the results other women have experienced whilst working with me here

Your Investment

Your total investment will be £2000

Payment plans are available - please message me to discuss

Included in this you will also receive invaluable bonuses that will enhance your Life & Business even further:

1. Money mindset workshop - so that you can reprogram your beliefs around money, develop a healthy relationship with money, so that you can start attracting more money into your life! ( worth £297).

2. Quantum Flame Energy Healing session, this is a deep hypnosis where you will be guided to meet your spirit guides and higher self. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have, recieve any messages you may need to recieve and experience deep healing at an energetic level.

3. Vision board workshop so that you can get crystal clear on bringing your vision to life.

Free Access to my accountability membership group, where you will be connected with other like minded women, who are growing their businesses!

4. If  you ready to step into your power and Awaken YOUR Worthy women so that you too can reach your Full Potential with Inner Peace & Relight Passion back into your Business.

Reply back to me with 'i'm ready to Awaken my Worthiness'.

We will then get a call booked in together and get you moving forwards towards your inner freedom and ambitious goals! 

You will have me in your corner supporting you to achieve inner freedom and achieve your goals every step of the way!

I’m looking forward to working with you on this journey.

Be prepared to TRANSFORM!

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